Table Mountain
. Table Mountain

Wild Things Outdoor: Welcome wild souls. In order to write or guide with passion, we have to ignite the flame inside us. What gets you excited, the butterflies bursting within? What leaves you calm, the stress of the day or week in your dust?

It is those very thoughts that guide us here, a curiosity for what is out there, a humility for nature and a desire to explore what is in our backyards.

I grew up a farmer’s son. My backyard was huge and full of adventure. I learned the language and bushcraft of the Zulus in Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa. A wild child I made weapons and tools, tree houses and forts. I gave my mother anxiety with cuts and grazes, drinking from rivers and dams and eating fruits and berries from trees. Life after the school bell was a continuous adventure and it never left me.

Farm Boy
A Farmer’s Son

My childhood forged a deeper knowledge and passion for the outdoors. Qualifying as a nature guide I experienced the wild in all its fury and beauty. From Lion, Elephant, and Rhino charging to birds and other smaller yet amazing plants and creatures we so seldom take notice of.

So where does an amateur adventurer come writer begin? The answer is at the bottom of Africa, at home, Cape Town South Africa. Fuelled with these childhood memories, adult experiences and stories an opportunity was created. Sparked by the desire for dirt and sweat an opportunity has been seized. Wild souls, let us explore our backyards on foot or mountain bike and conquer, comment and take heed of the natural wonders of our world.

Mountain Biking
West Coast Riding

Table Mountain is listed as one of the natural wonders of our world. If you have been there you would agree. It is not just the gargantuan rock around which the mother city of South Africa is built or the breath-taking views from its table top. Table Mountain is around 540 Million years old, it is home to more plant species than the whole of Europe and is one of six most vulnerable areas, on earth, for devastating wildland fires. The “mountain” forms part of a national park which forms part of the Cape’s natural heritage. Zoom out. Despite the plethora of trails for the Cape Town adventurer, there are many more rocks the same age and with the same diversity. Places you never knew existed. I start my Adventure from the cape peninsula of South Africa. I often dream of how far I will journey this earth. Let’s see. Let’s Begin. Let’s enjoy the read.

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