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The face of Table Mountain is so well publicised, that it is the first to catch the attention of most guests and adventurers to Cape Town. However, there are other hidden faces on this mountain that are worth exploring. One of these is the Tranquility Cracks. Sizeable caverns within the Twelve Apostles offer a unique adventure and different route up the mountain.

The Twelve Apostles are actually seventeen peaks extending South West of Table Mountain. Following the biblical story of the last supper, it is ironic that the only peak named after an apostle is the last at “the Table”, Judas.

The trek begins on the “Pipe Track” above Camps Bay. A relatively level track that runs along a water pipe. The Pipe Track was built in 1887 to service the pipeline that brought water from the Disa River, on Table Mountain’s Back Table, through the mountain via the Woodhead tunnel, to Slangolie Ravine and eventually to the Molteno Reservoir in the city. (via Nightjar Travel)

Taking a steep ascent up Corridor Ravine you will appreciate some precipitous heights, lush forest and panoramic views. At the top, your Guide will show you the hidden pathway to Cracks in the summit. Climb into a fairytale kingdom of twists and turns, forests and rays of sunshine penetrating one of the worlds oldest mountains.

Unique views trough cracks spying white beaches and sandstone peaks. South Africa’s national tree and forest giant, the Real Yellowwood, grows like a bonsai in the this hidden maize, adding to its enchantment. The perfect place to get some shade on a warm Cape Town day, eat and rest or just explore and take photos.

This hike ends with two options. A decent via Kasteelpoort, and old cable station or hike up to the new cable station where you can enjoy the less strenuous cable car down. A fun, funny and informative day, that will leave you feeling fresh, healthy, and holding on to fonder memories of your trip to Cape Town.

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