It has been a quiet week on Wild Things Outdoor. Training for The Gun Run 21km left little time for outdoor adventure. I also have a new venture launching so stay posted to everything wild and outdoors.

Off the beaten track, however, I did manage to make the most of a weekend away in the beautiful West Coast oasis of Langebaan.

As I drove along the R27 I passed Koeberg Nature Reserve and in my dust, the memories of Nature vs Nuclear mountain bike ride sparked a smile as I turned up the music and headed for adventure.

I waved goodbye to the mountains and the flat and undulating sand-veld sped past my window as my eyelids stayed peeled for any large mammals on the game farms aside the road.


My first time in this small town with a big outdoors. The Lagoon was as clear as a tropical island contrasted by grassy hills and granite outcrops that reminded me of the scenery from the Lord of the Rings movies.

What surprised this East Coast boy was the warmer water! I so gladly found out the moment I fell off a stand-up paddle board. An hour away from Cape Town yet so far I was completely mesmerized by this water adventure.


Stand up paddle boarding or “Supping” was a new adventure for me. Be ready for awkward balance to begin and muscles that you thought you never had as your core sucks in the gravity.

The cool salt water will wake up even the wariest of workers after a long week. The sound of the swelling tide slapping on the hull and the offshore breeze and calls of the pelagic bird community.

This is a relaxing trip in a kayak. Peaceful and the seat a blessing after the balancing act of “Supping”. For me, I mixed it up with a hard paddle and sweat which was doused by the cool ocean spray.

I do not have my own board or kayak but I have friends who do and even renting one for the day is definitely a must for you weekend warriors.

There is something magical about Langebaan. Whether it was the sunset over the vast Atlantic or the peace and tranquillity of this marine habitat. Alternatively, the sound of boat engines, screams of watersport adrenaline or the presence of the South African Special Forces, the little boy was awoken in me to think, what a wonderful home for a “souldier”.Langebaan

Photo Sources: Nightjar Travel, Windtown Lagoon Resort, Trip Advisor,

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