Mountainous Backdrop

Devil’s Peak forms part of the mountainous backdrop of Cape Town. At just over 1000m above sea level it is the longest summit on the Cape Peninsula. Give yourself a comfortable 5-6 hours on this giant as you spiral your way around her curves admiring the panoramic beauty of Cape Town and her surrounds. I had the pleasure of guiding my British friend, traveler and amateur hiker up this age old giant and it was nothing short of an eventful and memorable Devils Peak Hike.

Happy Traveler

The best course of ascent is from the car park at Rhodes Memorial. A quick, steep climb up to the Kings Block House will leave you wanting for breath. From this point it is a relaxed meander along a contour path toward the city, taking in the sights of Table Bay.  As we rounded the corner, Table Mountain and her cloth of cloud masked what was a challenging ascent up the back of Devils Peak.

Safe Adventures are fun adventures. In a previous post, I explained the essentials on an adventure. The recent hike I lead up Devils peak was a solid example of how the right gear and preparation can mitigate disappointment.  Even though she is in our back yard, she is not the devil you know…

Contour Curves

The sun shone brightly in the fading summer’s day and her peak glimmered in a backdrop of blue sky. The ascent was warm but sun cream and light clothing kept us comfortable. Plenty drinking water hydrated the spirits, as we kept a good pace.

Cable Tie Magic

Alex, like rocks of a cliff face, fell victim to a terrible curse of boot failure. Her soles without warning had completely fallen off her boots. Not to worry, a Leatherman, some cable ties, and duct tape were all we needed. Boots and all were making tracks once again.

I have mentioned many times how the weather changes rapidly on the peninsula peaks. A warm summer’s day turned into a cloudy, windy and cold journey as we reached the saddle to the final ascent. Our daypacks equipped with warm tops to combat the chill and navigational knowledge of the area got us out of a cold, wet and windy doom. It is important that when hiking you have an experienced guide or hiker to lead the way.

Weather Contrast

Despite the tribulations of the day, we summited and were able to get a few shots of shimmering city steel and ocean. Taking in the sights and enjoying “Grans” fresh made rolls a kilometer above the City. Food is such an essential on any hike. Even the Cape Glossy Starlings enjoyed our crumbs as we saddled up to attack the decent.

Two Oceans

As locals know, the wind on the Cape Peninsula is a powerful force of nature. We hugged rocks, zig-zagging down, watching our balance and enjoying every exhilarating gust. Keeping well on the trail we safely navigated passed a wind-swept hut that dangled over the edge of a rocky outcrop. After a brief inspection, it was decided that this was not a safe place to rest for the night.

City Bowl

With crime a virus on our beautiful mountains, I made sure we were back before sunset and that our group was not a target of cowardly opportunists. Hiking with experienced guides and in groups is a sure way to ensure you are left alone to enjoy the dirt, sweat, and sun that this challenging hike will give you.

Feet up, beer in hand it is a wonderful story to reminisce with friends and future adventurers. Your safety is your responsibility and there is every bit of fun in it for you. A truly inspiring adventure.

Summit Memories
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