10 Hiking Best Practices

You will never know everything when it comes to the wilderness. In all my years of wandering the wild, I have learned lessons from both Man and Mother Nature. I am still learning and that is the passion that keeps me writing. These are 10 hiking best practices when tackling

Don’t get smoked! – Surviving A Wild Fire

Don’t Get Smoked: Surviving a Wild Fire. The Cape is one of six places on earth where the terrain, fuel and climate that foster devastating wildfires. As most outdoor adventure happens on the mountains in fynbos it is important to be aware of fires this time of year. Fire season

Safety Outdoors

Safety Outdoors In order to adventure wildly, you have to be safe. Today I decided to compile a list advice, from guides and personal experience, on helping your family sleep at night. Do enjoy and take seriously. Spill the beans Tell someone where you are going and when you will