Cape Town City Centre is a hive of activity, culture and history. The mother city tour embraces this and inspires you. 

The mother city got her name because she is the oldest human settlement in South Africa and gave birth to many things including South Africa.

This tour is unique as you can walk nearly the whole of downtown and learn about South Africa’s rich and troubled past all in one route.

You start by driving on Adderley Street where the once mighty European ships dropped anchor to set foot on the beaches of the Cape. From here you park at the Castle of Good Hope, the oldest building in South Africa. This is where you will begin your walking tour.

At the Castle, you can explore the history of Dutch and British colonisation which is steeped in violence against the backdrop of beautiful nature and architecture.

From the Castle you walk past the City Hall and Grand Parade a place where military might was shown off to the world and where Nelson Mandela gave his famous speech after being released from Prison.

The tour will then fast-forward to the dark past of Apartheid as you walk past a levelled area that people once called home, District 6. Have a chance to visit the museum.

From here you will see what it is like in the new South Africa as you pass Parliament which is the hub of the legislature in the new South Africa.

Step into the beautiful Company Gardens and enjoy the many species of plants. Learn how this was the bread basket for world empires and have the chance to feed the resident squirrels en route.

As you walk out of the green Gardens back into the concrete jungle you can visit The Slave Lodge, Groote Kerk (Old Church), St Georges Cathedral, St Georges Mall and, Green Market Square for some souvenirs and barter with local traders.

Enjoy the different style of architecture that will leave you feeling like you were in New York City in some places but mix that with African style and you have a truly amazing route that will nurture and inspire you in the South African spirit.

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