False Bay on The Cape Peninsula

There is something about the waters around the Cape Peninsula that dazzles the eye and freshens the soul. The way they hug the coastline in shades of blues and greens. The crisp feeling as you dip your toes or run your hands through it. Try Kayaking on this warmer side of the ocean and experience the magic.

Boulders Beach – Wild Things Outdoor

Coming from a warmer climate on the east coast of South Africa, it thus took me a while to adapt to the colder cape currants. However, when you experience the beauty and feel its energy, it is hard not to take a dip. It is a must after a hike or outdoor adventure, on hot summer days.

Boulders Beach Simonstown

I am most inspired by the waters around Simonstown and embarked on a couple hours of kayaking with my guests to the famous Boulders Beach.

Tucked away on the shores of False Bay, in the warmer Agulhas current, Boulders Beach is literally as is, massive rocks surrounded by crystal waters and an abundance of sea life.

Derrick and his team are my trusted partners in this ocean adventure and they make sure you are safely equipped, before you embark on your two man kayak, from the Naval Harbour.

As I paddled out, the little boy in me marvelled at the bold grey naval ships with all their armaments.

Cape Fur Seals

Kayaking – Wild Things Outdoor

Our first encounter with the wild was a playful pod of Cape Fur Seals. These cute creatures frolicked around our kayaks and gave us a laugh or two. Diving around the kelp gardens to catch prey, lazily beached on rocks or laying on their backs as if tanning in a pool.

It is a very relaxed paddle to the giant boulders around the corner of the harbour. The white sand shines only a few meters below the surface as sun rays penetrate cracks in green kelp gardens. A magical kingdom.

Boulders Beach – Wild Things Outdoor

African Penguins

From the calm waters between Boulders, you have front row seats to a colony of endangered African Penguins. This land-based attraction is one of very few in the world as penguins normally take to islands offshore.

It is special to me as this colony started with two penguins coming to this beach in 1983, which coincidently was the year my parents married. In another spate of coincidence the first eggs were laid in 1985, the same year I was born. There are now over 2300 penguins in this colony.

Ask as many questions as you like to the knowledgeable kayak guides. At this time of the year, you will be glad to be offshore with a “bird’s eye view” of the crowds of tourists onshore.

African Penguin – Wild Things Outdoor

Therefore, fellow adventurers, this is truly a wild experience and I will be back to paddle this adventure. Trips depart every morning and afternoon all year round, weather dependent. Book now and make memories.

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