As founder and owner, I am the son of a farmer. A barefoot child, I learned the language and bushcraft of the Zulu people in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Life after the school bell was a continuous adventure. I am hungry for knowledge and passionate about people and travel.

I have two degrees in Social Sciences and have a passion for making a positive difference in South Africa. My corporate experience took me abroad where I worked in business development for non-profit organizations. I also managed to spend a season working at a ski resort and love snowboarding.

At 28 years old, I lost my father and decided that life was too short not to do what I was passionate about. This was a catalyst for an amazing change in my life and that of others. I became a field guide at one of the leading Safari companies in the world, before leaving to blaze my own trail.

I am a volunteer wildland firefighter, mountain biker, hiker, nature, culture and history guide. I spend most of my time outdoors and everyday marvel at the beauty surrounding the mother city. This was the seed from which I started my own company, Wild Things Outdoor.

Cape Town has always been my favourite city. The mountains and the ocean leave a peace in me and those who travel here with me. The Western Cape is wild and wonderful and the opportunities to explore are endless.

Wild Things Outdoor is the essence of who I am. Adventure is in my blood. My guides and partners, like I, have the same passion. We give our guests the value that is forged out of the mould of our lives.

The inspiration that Wild Things Outdoor brings to adventures will be worth the energy spent and will leave more than footprints on trails. Come and join us. Let’s make memories. We look forward to inspiring you!




  • Passion – for the outdoors and guiding
  • Knowledge – of our environment
  • Respect – for people and places
  • Courage – to overcome challenges
  • Care – for the environment and humanity
  • Fun – Be safe, have fun, make memories


It is Wild Things Outdoor’s mission to inspire you in creating value in your adventure so that you may cherish the memories forever.


  • The South African outdoors is not a “walk in the park”. On our trails, there are steep cliffs, brittle trails, and temperamental weather make it necessary to have an experienced guide. On our roads there are unpredictable drivers and your guide will know how to get you to destinations safely.
  • Crime has become a concern in recent years with opportunists picking on weary travelers. A guide knows where and where not to go.
  • Your experience will be enhanced with knowledge and fun while you relax and enjoy the adventure.
  • Our guides are passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. You will be able to immerse yourself in South African Nature and Culture and our guides will help create a memory to last a lifetime.